Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Fiber Day

Caught it!
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Lily was in a fun mood this morning, starting the day by enticing me to hug and play with her on the bed. Then when she went outside she found a stick to toss around.

Spent the day yesterday packing up wool and angora for New Hampshire Sheep and Wool. Lura has hers packed up already and I'll be heading down tomorrow to pick it up. It will be great to see her; it's been years!

Mary lost one bunny yesterday. Things do go wrong, as I said. It's always a little sad to lose one but so far Mary is doing well with her first litter. The other does are also carrying on just fine.

Last night my friend Kym called and we went down to have dinner and see a movie. I liked the movie, Upside of Anger; not sure that she did, as much. Interesting themes, though, with a bit more depth than either of us expected. Glad we went!

Late night coming home, under star lit skies. There was a herd of deer at the top of a hill not far from home, drifting across the road and a neighbor's yard.

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