Sunday, May 01, 2005

Day of Adventures!

Went to work yesterday morning thinking it would be a dull day because of the rain. People are usually interested in staying in on days like this and I can't blame them.

My mom and my stepdad, Wendell, were my first customers and it was fun showing them the shop and looking for a small desk for my mother. If anyone knows where we can get a desk with drawers on the left side, we'd appreciate a tip!

Then a really nice visit from a wonderful lady and her companions that found out about me through the blog. Really fun. Dawn in Nova Scotia has been corresponding with me and she happened to have a friend, Ellen from Holland, that was visiting nearby. So they came down to the shop and it was great meeting them. She gave me some sweet little gifts and we took pictures out on the porch.

And things went so well in the bunny house. When I got home, with the rain still falling, I went down to find that Mary was cleaning up after kindling. I went back to the house to let her finish, after seeing that she had put the bunnies in the nest box. I gave her an hour and went back down with an offering of broccoli, which she greedily took. While she was busy with that I checked out the nest. She had nine bunnies tucked nicely away in a pile of wool big enough to supply the next six does! I got my flower pot lined with hay and wool and put her bunnies in it while I straightened out the nest. One bunny had already wound wool around his leg; a hazard when the wool is too long. I removed most of the wool and cut up the rest, making a nice nest for the bunnies to squirm down into. Through all this Mary placidly ate her pellets and broccoli. Some first time mothers don't put the bunnies in the box or have other problems, so I was happy that everything went well with Mary's first litter.

Maple is an older doe and she kindled during the day yesterday as well. She had two live bunnies and three that weren't quite right so they were born dead. I may foster some of Mary's to her, if it looks like she is doing well caring for her two. More bunnies in the nest will keep them warmer. Maple's nest was nice and I only had to remove the dead bunnies to help her.

As I was leaving after feeding Joy started pulling wool. I went down to my mom's with a printing project for her and came back to find Joy in the middle of kindling. So late in the evening I went back down to find that she had placed six bunnies in a perfect nest in her box. She watched while I checked the nest and then nosed into it to wash the bunnies. Joy is the sort that runs to the front of the cage after kindling as if to announce "Look what I did!". Other does just take it in stride; a few will get protective and you have to be cautious about interfering.

Things don't always go this well during kindling season, so I'm very happy with the results of yesterday! This morning the sun is out and I'm looking forward to a day of tending bunnies, straightening up this house and working down at the shop.

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