Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Cold Spring

Frost again yesterday morning. The wind blew most of the day and the temperatures were cold. Except for a visit with my mom to arrange our day out today, I didn't leave the house. Spent most of the day sorting through angora for New Hampshire and watching the arrogance of the officers in an organization I belong to. But we won't go there!

The apple trees are trying to bloom. The big one is covered with buds and one of the small ones I planted has a halo of white. Another of my small ones only has a couple of buds and still another has none. I think they are not happy, for some reason. The pear has a few blooms that may give up the fight if the cold continues. After such warm winter days, these cool days seem like an insult!

Bunnies are fine this morning. Mary was right up front this morning when I came in to check, and very annoyed when I didn't give her anything to eat! I usually just run down to make sure everything is all right throughout the day, but when they see me they're always hopeful of food! It's been so windy and chilly that I haven't been exercising them as much as I would like.

Today Mom and I are going to Ashe County to pick up some more of that gorgeous Shetland/mohair roving from Lura. I'll have some to sell for her at New Hampshire Sheep and Wool, and some for me!

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