Friday, May 13, 2005

Chore Day

Shetland/mohair roving
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Lovely day yesterday, with a nice breeze and warm temperatures. I got out my ambition and headed for the bunny house to clean neglected floors and trays. I'm just not inspired during wind and cool weather to tackle those projects.

Between loads of manure and spoiled hay, I sheared a delightful buck named Chocolat. The afternoon was hot and he was a little cranky, but settled down when I started shearing. This fellow is a German cross chocolate buck, but he has enough German to have the instinct to settle quietly in my lap while I shear him. He had a beautiful clip but I discovered that he had a little mess behind. Probably why he was cranky. Sometimes sudden weather changes can affect the rabbits digestion. After I cleaned Chocolat and clipped the heavy wool away, he was happy to run around in the pen.

Afternoon storms interrupted my chores and also prevented me from working on the computer. A good excuse to get out the dye pots and delve into the riches of roving I bought from Lura. The results are pictured; green and gold for the chain stitch shawl. Or poncho, whatever it becomes!

Chocolat was outside when the rain started with a rumble of thunder. I was upstairs hanging up clothes and rushed down to rescue him. Lily thought I was frightened of the thunder, I guess, and spent the rest of the day by my feet, growling whenever she heard a noise!

The rest of the day was spent packing up angora to fill an order for a customer in Pennsylvania. I took some pictures of the colors for the web page to jazz it up a little.

This morning I'm surrounded by fog. It's so still outside I can't hear a single sound and so dark I have to have a light in the computer room. I ran down to check on the bunnies early. Several out of the nest and their eyes are opening! It's so much fun watching them explore their new world.

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