Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Bundles of Autumn Joy

Bundles of Autumn Joy
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Yesterday after a wonderful hour of bunny chores, which of course included playing with new bunnies, I traveled down the mountain. My friend Kym was having car problems and I went down to take her to retrieve it from the mechanic. Early summer has arrived in the lowlands. Kym has iris blooming and the pink deciduous azalea is blooming down in Squirrel Spur.

We had a nice early lunch at the Claudville Cafe. Food was good but even better was catching up with all the news and girl talk. Kym is planning a special little vacation and excited about her trip.

Came back home to the not-so-much-fun task of paying bills, then cleared my head with a walk with Lily down Concord Road. Wildflowers are blooming at the edges of the woods along the way. Wild strawberries seem to be everywhere and dogwood rivals the apple trees for bloom.

Tulip poplar, with blooms that look like magnolia, stands tall. Against the still-bare branches, the golden cups look like they are floating in the air.

Violets are blooming by Concord Spring but there is no sign that the rhododendron will bloom yet. At my mom's house, a beautiful little dogwood cheered the corner below the ice factory. Handsome gold and red tulips stand proudly in her flower beds, sheltered near the house.

I came back by to visit with Mom and Wendell before heading to Christiansburg for the rabbit food. I will be needing a lot! The first babies are growing fast and will be eating very soon. They start by nibbling hay in their nest but as soon as their eyes are open I offer uncooked oatmeal. The mothers eat most of it at first but by the time the babies are out of the nest they will be sharing pellets with their mothers.

Home late; did a little computer work, trying to straighten out a few glitches that the web page server is having. Then to bed. I awoke in the night to find Lily and Malachi, the black cat, curled up together on my feet. Apparently Lily didn't know he was there for awhile, because later she barked him off the bed!

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