Monday, May 02, 2005


new life
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New baby bunnies, two days old. It's amazing how fast they develop. This is Greenberry's Autumn Joy's nest, with six little chocolate bunnies. Already the skin that was bare a day ago has grown a brown coat of hair. They look like tiny sleek brown seals. Mary's bunnies are getting a faint haze of white and the fawns are just showing a trace of color. Exciting when they start looking like little rabbits!

All was well in the bunny house this morning. Last night was cold, and all three does, even rookie Mary, had added wool to the nests to keep the babies warmer. The air is dry so the bunnies seemed fine despite the cold, with full little tummies and warm angora lined nests to cuddle together in.

I'm thinking about putting together a little craft flea market here at the house for Memorial Day. We get a lot of traffic from the Parkway and from a larger flea market nearby. If anyone is interested in participating that lives close enough, you may reach me at the email on my profile, or through my web site,

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