Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Apple Blossoms

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And then we came home, picking up a delighted Lily on the way. Everyone here was happy to see us, from the screeching cockatiel to the fawning cats. Bunnies have grown SO much; will try to get pictures later today. There's a new litter from my lovely Woolybuns Crystal, neatly placed in the nest box and with interesting colors that Chris says might be tort! Six lovely bunnies that were fine this morning.

The neighbors have put cattle in their field, only half a dozen but it's nice to see them when I look out from my computer room. All the apple trees are beautifully covered in bloom and the rhododendron in the window garden is hinting at some color. The warm weather is back at last and I'm looking forward to bunny chores and starting some gardening.

Visited with my brother for a few minutes last night; he's making great progress in his remodeling job. The little house is going to be charming!

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