Thursday, May 05, 2005

Another Day Out

It turned out to be a beautiful day yesterday, cool and bright and wonderful for travel. After a morning of bunny counting and chores and some wild emailing over the club controversy, Mom and I headed west and south to pick up Lura's roving down in Ashe County. It was a lovely trip and we enjoyed it very much.

Nice to see Lura again, after what must be two or three years! She was working and we had to head back so we didn't get to visit long. I hope to go back soon and meet the herd that produces all this lovely fiber and the guard dogs! And have a real visit.

We headed back with a stop to get Wendell a special treat, hurrying home before it melted! Lily was waiting for me when I got here, happy to have me back. I'm at home so much now she misses me when I'm gone! Bunnies were cozy in their nests and the cat came in to curl up on my lap while I tackled the backlog of email for the day. The evening flew by and soon I heard Lily heading up the stairs. She had given up on me and gone to bed!

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