Thursday, April 28, 2005

Waiting for Spring

Spring seems to have stalled here on the mountain. After a promising start yesterday with the sun the wind picked up again and the temperatures stayed cool. I sheared a doe that I hope is pregnant and a lot of her fiber is out in the field, caught in the grass and flying across the woods. Usually I don't shear in wind or cold, but this doe has a full coat and I didn't want her to have so much wool with a litter. My normal practice is to shear a doe, then breed her that day. Shearing can put them in the mood and then by the time the litter comes, she has wool of just the right length to make a good nest. But Mary didn't kindle when I bred her on shearing day, and when I rebred her it put her due date right at the date she was due for shearing. So I did her back and sides as far down on her belly as I could reach without turning her over. I don't think she would appreciate laying on her back with a full load of bunnies. IF they're there; I'm not good at knowing!

So Mary is comfy now, wearing a skirt of wool that makes her look like a Southern belle! I did a few bunny house chores but the wind made the jobs disagreeable. So I spent most of the day on the computer, with one quick run to the post office to ship off a collectible order. Some time on the crocheted shawl was nice, cozy in my big chair in the sitting room with Lily snug against my feet.

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