Saturday, April 09, 2005

Sunny Days

Sunny Days

My SO is off today to fight the wars at Appomattox today and tomorrow. This is a picture of me at Gettysburg a couple of years ago. I really enjoyed the couple of times I was able to do the reenactments and I was the only spinner there. Some of the veterans said that they had never seen a spinner. So I had lots of attention.

It LOOKS like we might have sunshine today; although there were a few times yesterday that the sun teased us and then fled back under the clouds. But the shadows are slanting across the fields and there is blue sky above the flattened gray clouds on the horizon.

The wind is blowing; I heard it rattling the windows last night as I snuggled up in my bed under the eaves. Nice to curl up in a pile of soft pillows with a snoozing spaniel at my feet, reading the latest issue of Spin-Off. Such beautiful work and inventive creations!

Yesterday was a day of getting more things settled for Dad; insurance and doctors. Talked to an extremely helpful gentleman at Veteran's Administration. We have to go to Roanoke Tuesday to get Dad set up with them. Eventually he can go to the local clinic, which is really nice!

I managed to get some spinning in last night, and filled a bobbin of the Shetland/mohair. It wound off into a center pull ball quite nicely and I put it aside for plying. There's still a good bit of roving left. I dyed eight ounces in this colorway; may not be quite enough by itself for a vest but I was thinking about dyeing more in just the purple. I really like the deep violet color in this yarn!

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