Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Silver Day

Not quite raining, not quite warm, not quite windy, not quite nice. A typical dull spring day in the mountains. We really have a good many dull, drizzly days here in the spring. I find myself feeling about as dull as the day with allergies.

Yesterday was spent with more dye pots. I overdyed some chocolate chinchilla angora with pink and I love the results. It's upstairs drying so no pictures today; too dark up there. I also did another pot of Lura's Shetland/mohair roving. Dramatic this time, in pink, black, lilac and turquoise. Along with some bunny chores and laundry, it was a very satisfying day.

Had a nice visit with my Mom and stepdad; she was out doing some yard work and planning planting beds beside the house. He was woodworking and planning to fix up an old desk that Mom really needs for her church work. They've been down with colds but finally hope to be recovering!

I finished up the second bobbin from the variegated Shetland/mohair roving I painted and spun up. There's a little over eight ounces, which is usually enough to make a vest or poncho out of angora but I don't think it will be enough in this. So now I'm debating whether to ply the variegated singles together or ply the violet singles I'll be making with the variegated. Nice to have colorful plans to think about on such a dreary day!

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