Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Settling In

Settling In

Beautiful, quiet morning. I can't hear anything but the birds and an occasional car passing. The sun is bright and the air is so clear!

We got everything done yesterday, somehow, with me sneezing all the way. We finally got enough of the dust corralled and disposed of to allow me to sleep in my new bedroom last night! Dad rolled in at seven; tired but happy to be home, I think.

My new space is the upstairs of my old house. I love sleeping upstairs; these were my rooms when I first moved in because there were no floors, windows or walls downstairs to speak of! Or electricity. That only lasted a few months but I stayed upstairs until my mother gave me my great-grandmother's bedroom furniture. It was so heavy I fixed up a downstairs room as my bedroom.

But now I'm back upstairs, in the room designated as "the junk room" in my childhood. It makes a lovely bedroom and the view out the window is wonderful. Some work needs to be done on the walls. Generations of tattered wallpaper gives sort of a shabby and not very chic look to the rooms. I don't mind it, really; when I was a child we used to find pictures in the water stained paper. There's an old piece of lineoleum that serves as a rug on one floor; the other is bare except for my rugs. Some day I may paint the floors or have them refinished.

My stash needs some serious reduction! At the back of the picture is my great-grandmother's flax wheel and a wool wheel from Lexington. I need to get the wool wheel operational; there's not a lot wrong with it. Grandma's wheel is a bit touchy but will spin when she's in the mood and has some wool she likes. My aunt gave me a nice skein winder; just the right size to be practical and I use it a great deal. A modern ball winder and umbrella swift are vital tools as well. My old reliable Reeves wheel is downstairs so that I can be sociable with Dad.

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