Thursday, April 21, 2005

Out Early

Out Early

Bleeding heart in the window garden

I have a full day today; work at the antique shop, a trip below the mountain and then the afternoon with my aunt. So I was out early, having a look around the garden. Yesterday I planted the gaudy viola in the window garden and put one in a pot for my bedroom. I noticed that the bleeding heart was blooming. It's such a fleeting presence here and I love the delicate bloom and lacy pattern of the leaves. The peonies are shooting up now and will soon make a grand entrance.

Yesterday I finally managed to get Elwood sheared while some of the rest of the herd played outside. The grass in the field is getting long and thick, and they played wild rabbit; hiding in the tufts and peering at me, then running around the perimeter of the pen. Elwood had a lovely thick fleece with wonderful color, as usual. He's a handsome fellow, well mannered when shearing. He was happy to get rid of that coat and have a romp outside.

More computer work yesterday, laundry, cleaning a bit in the bunny house, a walk with Lily and feeding the fish made up a typical day here. I started the Shetland/mohair shawl again. I've been thinking I'd like to do the variegated yarn in a solid stitch pattern but the yarn has other ideas. So I began again with a lacy style stitch and I'm much happier with the result!

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