Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Night Noises

The wind returned with the night and splattering rain, rattling the windows on the narrow front porch beneath my bedroom in the eaves. It disturbed Lily in the night and she woke me with soft, questioning woofs. I read for awhile, Prodigal Summer, a beautifully written book with haunting themes, while the wind banged around the eaves and the house shuddered.

The morning is dawning bright, and I have hopes of accomplishing bunny chores today. Nest boxes need to be cleaned and placed in with three does. Then the short wait begins for bunnies due on Saturday. Cleaning floors, bunny trays and a possible hair cut are also on the agenda, along with computer work this morning.

Yesterday was a play day. My cousin RJ and I went to town with the excuse of fetching rabbit feed. Really we just like to get together, talking all the way about every subject under the sun. And visiting our favorite restaurant, with a little shopping. The sun had disappeared but the rain held off until late. After RJ had dropped me off home I went over to see how my brother is progressing on his construction project. Everything going well, seems like but a lot of work for him. Then I ran down to my mom's, taking the truck instead of walking with Lily as I had intended because rain threatened. Another nice visit.

Late evening was spent crocheting as the rain moved in. The shawl is finally coming along nicely now. A treat! I also worked up a small sample of the hand painted yarn, RJ's Surprise, to see how the variegation works. Like the effect!

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