Monday, April 04, 2005

Moving In Day!

So, my dad's on his way. He was supposed to come tomorrow but plans changed and we have to really get moving on the chores to be ready. I'm fighting allergies from what I did yesterday; thank goodness I have some help today!

Started spinning the Shetland/mohair roving. I love it! The Shetland has more loft than the rambouillet did and it's making a much softer yarn. The mohair shine is still apparent and the colors are bright. I'll post a picture soon!

Yesterday was all about cleaning house with a quick trip to the antique shop to fill in for a short time. The wind howled all day and there was ice in the cat's water bowls. But the sun was shining and it warmed up, despite the wind. It didn't get cold enough to freeze water bottles, although my hands were numb by the time I finished chores in the morning!

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