Friday, April 29, 2005

More Rain

And lots of it. Woke up this morning to a gray sky and before I got downstairs the rains came. Lily insisted on going outside early, unusual for her lately. I think she's having tummy troubles. There will be a very wet dog in the house soon!

Yesterday I spent the morning taking an accumulation of boxes and junk off my back porch for a trip to the dump, and packing up a print for a customer. Then I headed out to do the dump thing and check in with the client that I'm doing the web page for. His computer is having major problems with viruses and spyware, though, and he hasn't been able to see the web page. I don't know much about spyware and stuff but it really is causing some major problems for a few people I know. We've been working with my aunt's computer for over a month now but between us we've finally got it working pretty well. There are still a few glitches, though, that need some attention. My aunt's handsome place was where I headed next. She has a lovely modern house on a hill in a beautiful section of the community, surrounded with wonderful views and elegant flower borders.

Last night I went down and had a lovely visit with my friend Kym, in our usual Thursday outing. She's almost finished exams and that's a relief. With two jobs and school, she is an amazing young woman! But getting to be an exhausted one, I'm afraid. She hopes to have a break and a few days off soon. Somehow she has managed to do some gardening and the little house below the mountain is charming with blooms. Kym's handsome father was there, helping mow the grass. Nice!

Not much time after I got home, but I did manage a few rows of the crocheted Shetland/mohair scarf. I've finished the green yarn and will start on the purple today. Not a day for bunny chores, so I'll be working on web pages, paying a visit to the bank and library, and maybe doing a little housework. Housework, however, is NOT one of my priorities!


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