Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Lovely Evening Out

Another beautiful day yesterday, although at midday the clouds rolled in and it rained a little. Just enough to make me decide to continue working on the computer instead of shearing a rabbit. And then, of course, the sun came back out!

Nice evening with my friend Kym in town. Great dinner and some shopping. Couldn't resist a four pack of gaudy viola in purple and peach! Below the mountain where my friend lives everything is blooming, and a carpet of greens is sweeping up the slopes of the hills. The subtle variety of green as the trees leaf out is beautiful. So many things were blooming in Kym's yard; the lilacs were covered with bloom and butterflies, fruit trees are bursting forth and she has azalea ablaze by the driveway.

I came back and started working on my crocheted shawl, only to discover that I had made an error somewhere and it was totally unbalanced. So back to the frog pond. It's a simple pattern so I was just being dense! I've got it back to where I found the error; about five rows!

Greetings to a new blogger on the block, Dori at Soaring Eagle Farm. She lives not far from here, in the lowlands, and has all sorts of exciting farm news!

Had to take the truck up for tires and inspection early this morning. Not one of my favorite things, spending on a vehicle! Saw my great-uncle at the garage and then visited with friends when I picked up some milk. Coming home I walked through the fields as the sun warmed the wet grass.

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