Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Green Days in the Rain

Green Days in the Rain

Here's a corner of my sitting room, where I like to curl up and read on chilly rainy days. Things are changing in this room, though. We're putting shelves on all the walls for lots and lots of books!

The grass is SO green outside, but it's pouring rain. My daffodils are all out, even those odd little ones with the orange centers surrounded by cream, but I can't do much more than peer at them through the windows!

Spent the day in Roanoke yesterday at the Veterans Administration Medical Center. Very nice facility, helpful people, but it still takes a long time to get anything done. We registered Dad, though, and should be able to get him into the local clinic for services. Which will make it much easier on both of us.

Redbud is blooming all along I-81, and I think I even saw some dogwood coming out. Lots of trees in leaf in the warmer areas but even here the maples are budding and I can see a hint of green in the woods.

No fiber adventures yesterday. I took some yarn with me but forgot the crochet hooks, so I read all day while we waited. Today I was hoping for clearer weather but it looks like a day to work on the computer and spin!

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