Sunday, April 10, 2005

Frosty Morning!

Frosty Morning!
Sterling Shawl

There is frost across the grass this morning, in the low field by the creek. The barn roof is decorated with a patchwork pattern of white frost and red. The sun is up, quickly warming the air but it is a brisk, cool morning. Lily is still in bed; even though the house is warm she knows it is cold outside!

The attached picture is of one of my first projects made from my own handspun yarn. It's a crocheted shawl from yarn made on my great-grandmother's flax wheel. I bought the fleece from Martha McGrath at Deer Run Farm (hope that's right!). The fleece was a beautiful silver from a ram named Sterling. I was reminded of this project by an article in Spin-off; about a spinner in search of gray fleece. I think she would have been happy with this one!

Such a lovely day we had here yesterday. The tourists were out, enjoying the warm spring and visiting Mabry's Mill and the local stores. I was able to get some bunny trays cleaned before heading down to the antique store to do paperwork and watch the counter for a little while. Lots of people stopped in on their way to Martinsville for the NASCAR race. Then I came back here to do more paperwork and bunny chores. An annoying ex-husband stopped by, so I got a little yard work done while he visited with my dad. Some things just never go away!

Ran up to a local restaurant, Woodberry Inn, where a good friend works to drop off bunny feed and tax papers for her. The people that run this restaurant are wonderful! The food is amazing and the owners are just charming. And generous! They give me lots of green stuff for my bunnies!

Nice quiet evening. I was able to start another bobbin of the Shetland/mohair and I got out the dye pots! Had to do that, after reading about all of Chris's dyeing adventures over at Woolybuns. I had 10 ounces of white Tunis roving left from a shawl I made awhile back (the shawl is heading for California to a retail customer as I write) so I popped it in the pot with some orange acid dye. I let it cool overnight so I haven't washed it yet. So far it looks good!

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