Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Contented Days

Contented Days

Shy violets in the meadows

Beautiful weather with much accomplished; what more can you ask of a day? Yesterday was glorious; warm with a little breeze for drying laundry, cool in the shade for shearing an angel of a bunny, and pleasant for looking out the window while the computer hummed away.

I spent the morning working on pictures for a web page, then went out and sheared a young rabbit that was totally cooperative and gave me a bunny kiss when we were done. I guess she liked getting rid of that hot coat! Other rabbits played outside; it was a perfect day for bunny chores through the afternoon. My dad went with my brother to help him with a plumbing project so I took Lily for a walk down to Mom's. Things were very different since my last walk down Concord Road in the snow!

Nice visit with my mom, checking on computer things. I stopped by their nice little pond and frogs leaped from the edge at our approach. My uncle has a cunning little water trough he made from an old sink, but Lily is afraid of the gurgling noise it makes. So I let her play in the little stream to get some water.

When I came home Dad was back and I went in to put together a little meal for us after finishing the last of the bunny chores. It was nice to look out the kitchen window and see my brother contentedly fishing in the pond. He's on the road so much he doesn't get the chance to enjoy the beauties of his property like I do!

Last night I started working on a shawl with the Shetland/mohair yarn. After a few false starts I think I have a shape I like and a plan for the design. I really like working with this yarn.

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