Thursday, April 07, 2005

Contended Days

Contended Days
Dad and the dogs, Lucky on the left, Lily on the right

Yesterday was such a beautiful day! Sunshine, warm temperatures, a breeze that dried the laundry SO fast! Today it is dull and windy and the rain is splattering against the windows while thunder rumbles in the distance. A good day for staying in!

The allergies receded enough yesterday for me to get lots done! I started in the bunny house; emptying trays and cleaning the floors. Rabbits got to play outside in the sunshine and breezes. Everyone enjoyed being out; even little Tommy, who was frightened at first. I sheared Delly's Delight Quenten and he really had a good time when I put him out in the play pen. It felt SO good to have that heavy coat off!

My brother came over and helped us move the last of Dad's stuff inside. So he's all moved in for now. He'll have to make another trip south for more of his stuff.

Sam brought his dog and bunny over for me to babysit while he and his wife go to the Lonesome River Band festival down in Florida. Should be a nice trip for them; hope the rain doesn't go so far south! Sammy's the band leader of the Lonesome River Band; bluegrass if ya'll aren't familar with them! The bunny is a very pretty short haired rabbit; I don't know the breed. He's very active so he stays on the front porch away from my quiet herd.

Lucky, Sam's dog, is a nice girl and we enjoy having her here. Lily isn't all that fond of puppy company but she tolerates Lucky. We all walked to the pond last night. I took some pictures but the ones of the fish jumping didn't turn out. It's hard to get a catfish to pose!

No spinning or fibery work yesterday, except for bunny chores. I took some pictures of Avon bottles for and hope to get them up today. I also want to take some books from the porch and start putting them on shelves to display for sale!

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