Saturday, April 30, 2005

Bunny Watch

Up early this morning and out to check on the does in a drizzly haze. Mary has filled her nest box with wool and Joy is laying around looking sad. Maple perky and waiting for breakfast. Yesterday evening when I went down Woolybuns Crystal, a pure doe bred to my fawn buck, was standing there with her feed hay in her mouth, that anxious look on her face. I gave her a nest box and this morning it's full of wool, too. Crystal is not due until next Saturday. Some does get ready early for their babies, although this could be a false pregnancy. But most of my does that are going through false pregnancies do it a bit earlier than this.

I spent most of yesterday with a distant cousin discussing genealogy. Several years ago the family put together a project to collect all the genealogy information we could and put it in one database. I did the data entry and some research. We also collected family stories and put together a book about the different branches. That was a great project and I really enjoyed it, although I put the work aside when my grandfather became disabled. Now the family wants to reprint the book and possibly put up a web page. We also discussed the world situation and solved most of the ills of the earth!

Only did a little computer work and work on the shawl last night. Looked up a bunch of books for the SO when he called. Today I have to work at the little antique shop. I'm afraid it won't be very busy. The weather is dreary and wet and there are supposed to be thunderstorms.

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