Saturday, April 16, 2005

Bunny House Dreams

Sheared an absolute beauty of a doe yesterday. Woolybuns Cheshire is a beautiful round faced doe with lots of personality that demands attention whenever anyone comes in. She has lots of luxurious, dark gray wool. Like all black angora rabbits, she has a black face but gray wool on her body. But some black rabbits produce darker wool than others, and Cheshire has wonderful color. She is a sweetheart to shear, lying patiently while I harvest all that glorious fiber. Even the wool on her belly was wonderful! I weighed out ten ounces of prime and not quite an ounce of shorter wool that came from her cheeks, legs and tail. I think she had one matt on her cheek; none anywhere else. Cheshire weighs in at 9 pounds; just the right size for a doe to fit into my lap. I'm hoping to get her bred to a marvelous pure buck soon!

Other bunny chores were not so glamorous! I swept up hay and droppings from the floor and shoveled out a few trays. It's so much easier now to take care of this barn than the stacked cages I had before. Even though it's still work, I enjoy being with the animals, watching them enjoy their hay and other nibbles and frolic outside in the pen.

Although it was a bright day yesterday, there was a breeze blowing and it was a little cool. Still pleasant to do the bunny chores, but I was also glad to get inside and work on the computer awhile as well. I've got the web site for All Seasons Gifts and Garden set up. They're selling some really nice collegiate items. There are lots more items to be added but I have a good start!

Last night I finished spinning the violet Shetland/mohair roving and plied a bobbin full. I'm not sure I'm going to have enough to do a vest with the variegated yarn, so I've been pulling out other handspun from my stash. I have some nice purple silk singles and some purple angora as well as some different greens. This might be an interesting project! I'm also working on a shawl pattern in crochet that will take LOTS of yarn and I want to learn to knit. Is there enough time to do it all?

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