Saturday, April 02, 2005

A Better Day!

A Better Day!

There needs to be an occasional Lily picture here!

Another storm this morning; the pattern seems to be a few rumbles at night and then the storm moved in with the early morning hours. It's still overcast but outside my window the fields are green, green, green! The shaggy forsythia in the side yard is just starting to get a few blooms and the yellow daffodils are full blown.

Yesterday was one of those days when everything goes wrong. Frustrating at the time but I can ignore it all today. Since I started out not feeling well, I didn't react well to small things. First I had a book order and couldn't find the box the book was in. That makes me wild! Spent over an hour looking for a book worth $2.50 and it just wasn't there. With all the moving of boxes for Dad's moving in and consolidating things to make space; I probably mixed two boxes. Then there were other minor annoyances; pens running out of ink, things falling because of clutter, cats prowling where they shouldn't. Finally I discovered that the telephone is out of order. Time to go to bed, then!

I worked on the web page a little, just to feel that I accomplished SOMETHING. And I started on the sideways portion of the chenille poncho. The pattern isn't very defined because of the variegated yarn. I think I will make it again in a solid color if this one turns out. I really like the stitch pattern and the chenille is SO soft!

My brother is going down Monday to pack my Dad's things and bring him back up on Tuesday. I still have the house to clean and my furniture to move upstairs into my "apartment". I'll have help on Monday so we should get it done. We also hope to get down to the health department Monday morning and find out what we have to do to get our store building started. Time is passing so fast!

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