Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Back to Normal Day

Back to Normal Day

I was able to get a little spinning done yesterday evening. I really like the way the Shetland/mohair roving is spinning up. Hard to tell until after it is plied and washed, but I think it's going to be softer than the rambouillet/mohair. The colors are rich and I think, if there's enough, this will make a really nice vest.

Busy day again yesterday, unpacking Dad and getting his stuff settled. It was a wonderful day, warm and sunny with a breeze in the morning. The wind picked up in the afternoon but was never unpleasant. Today is supposed to be just as beautiful, and I'm hoping to get some bunny chores done. There's a buck in the barn that is sadly overdue for shearing! I try not to let that happen; it's not good for the rabbit or for the wonderful fiber that they produce for them to go overdue. But this past month has been so wild with moving chores!

I also may try to breed two more does, my lovely Amber and the gorgeous Woolybuns Crystal. Woolybuns Cheshire has a date with an amazing buck at Perfect Spot Farm; can't wait to see how that breeding turns out!

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