Monday, April 25, 2005

Auction Weekend

Auction Weekend

Headed out on Friday to an auction at a farm in New Market, Virginia. On the way delivered a bunny to a lovely lady in Woodstock. We had a great dinner and a nice visit. Yet one more thing to love about raising the Germans; you meet such great people!

It rained Friday and there were storms in the night. Lily came along and she wasn't happy about the rumble of thunder in a place that wasn't home. But Saturday dawned cool and clearing; perfect auction weather. My SO was interested in historic paper at the auction. I walked around and with so much stuff here at home already, decided that I should refrain from getting more. So I found a warm place in the sun and got out the crocheting. I sat where I could hear one of the three auctioneers; it's always interesting to see what prices things go for. Sometimes it's astonishing!

I did wander down to where they were selling linens, but there were over 500 bidders at the auction and I didn't want to spend the money to compete. Not with boxes of vintage pieces at home already. I bought a straw tick, sans straw, in case we get into the reenactments again! In the end we wound up with a few books and some paper.

The farm where the auction was held was in the beautiful valley near New Market, just below the mountain range. It was a nice setting and pleasant to sit and watch the people while I crocheted. The pattern is easy and it's going fast, but it's also eating up the yarn. I'll be getting more of the roving from Lura soon and working up some more colors!

Over two mountain ranges on the way home, we saw a rainbow across the skies above the little town of Sperryville. It seemed so close but like all elusive treasures, it stayed just out of reach. Sometimes I think the people at auctions are chasing rainbows, too!

It was a shock to get home yesterday and see the snow flying and the wind howling. Bunnies were fine, glad to have their hay and pellets against the cold night. The blooms of my poor bleeding heart lie limp against the lacy leaves; can't tell if it's frozen or broken by the wind. Spring in the mountains!

I had turned off the heat and it took awhile for the house to warm up. Lily tucked up in bed all evening, scarcely moving after her busy weekend. She's still in bed this morning!

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