Monday, April 11, 2005

Another Dye Day

Another Dye Day

I really like the way this crock pot roving turned out. Salmon with blues ranging from pale to navy, with some hints of purple here and there. The Shetland/mohair roving is so wonderful with color. I'm not sure I can sell it!

As you can see, yesterday was a dye day in earnest. I worked at the antique shop for a couple of hours. Not so many people as usual; I think they were all at the races. Then Dad and I went over to Cousin RJ's for a visit and to finish up her taxes. We had a nice visit, serenaded by motorcycles on the Parkway. You can hear them better in her hollow than you can here in my open spaces.

Sammy came by for his Lucky dog in the late afternoon. He called and Dad and I took her out to the end of the driveway with all her things to meet the bus. How many dogs get picked up by the Lonesome River Band at the end of their tour? Even Lily missed Lucky when she left. Lucky is a nice dog and it was even more fun having her here because Dad could walk her along with me and Lily.

Had a pleasant evening sitting outside for awhile with Lily. She just didn't want to be in! It was warm and the sky was indescribably beautiful. The spring peepers were in full choral. Two of the cats sat beside me on the old wooden steps, purring along in time. Even the sounds of the traffic on the road added to the song. Race day has been part of life here since I can remember; it's hard to object to tradition, even one I really don't have much interest in.

When I finally coaxed Lily back inside, I did some spinning and then headed upstairs to my cozy nook upstairs. Today will be a day of bunny chores and working on a client's web page. And hopefully I'll get another dye pot started!

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