Thursday, March 10, 2005

Wool Houses

I haven't tracked down the origin of the "wool house" emblem I've seen on some pages, but after yesterday I can safely say "I Live in a Wool House". I've been putting angora in file boxes but I needed those to stack books in, so I transferred piles of angora from file boxes to flat open ones. It's lovely to be able to look at it but...getting to be time to call the mill again! As for the rest of the stash, I counted five fleeces and there are stacks of stuff I didn't even get into. I'm not even working on that room yet!

Late night and early morning checks on Maple found her sitting cozily, ALONE, in her nest box. There's still a chance for a litter but with each day it dwindles. She was the only one that seemed to cooperate with the buck out of seven does, but then we moved the rabbits into the new barn. That might have disrupted her enough to keep her from kindling. If a doe doesn't want to have bunnies, she doesn't have to!

In rest periods between boxes I worked on my crocheted chenille scarf and read blogs. Congratulations to Kim for her winning entry, Pansy, in the Woolybuns Colorway contest. I'm looking forward to seeing the finished skein. I found some beautiful blogs and really enjoyed reading them. The chenille scarf is working up quickly and not taking much yarn; I found an antique edging I'm going to try for the scarf. The edging may be too fussy for the thickness of the chenille so I also found a simple one. But I really like the antique one!

Today is work day; have to go to Stuart with a web page I'm doing for a client down there and stop by to drop off a genealogy to a cousin. My mom and step-dad are both fighting off the nasty cold that is going around so I'll do errands for them, if they want, and stop in to see my mother's aunt in the nursing home. Then back up here to my father's aunt to give her computer lessions. Heard from another cousin last night; we worked on a big genealogy project together several years ago. I would like to get back into the genealogies again.

According to my counter lots of people are reading my blog; thanks for stopping by! I had a lovely note from Kim at The Woolen Rabbit yesterday and some notes from people that I had not "met" in the fiber world before now. I appreciate your nice comments!

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