Thursday, March 17, 2005

Winter's Back!

It's cold in the house this morning. Not dreadful but the wind is blowing enough to make drafts. Lily is curled up in front of the heater in the living room and I have my feet tucked up in my warm flannel gown! There's about three inches of snow; not much really. But a lot more than the weather people predicted!

I remember getting snowed in at my best friend's house in March over ten years ago. I worked at her store and we decided I should stay so I could open the store the next day. Three days later, we finally waded the 20 feet to the store! It was one of our few real snowstorms; the wind howled and the snow piled up. Farmers would come to the door to get diesel fuel for their tractors; they were struggling to feed cattle and find calves that were born during the storm. It was beautiful when we finally got out and the snow disappeared fast! March can be surprising in the mountains. People still talk about the snows that piled up the year after I was born, 1960. It snowed for four Wednesdays in a row in March and you’ll see pictures posted around in the local restaurants of men standing on their cars in the road with the snow piled high over their heads!

More box moving today. I really need to get this job finished so that I can get back to posting books and antiques on the Internet. Dad is coming soon; I need to call down and see what his plans are. Have to have a place for him to sleep!

Finished Snow Falling on Cedars last night. My friend Kym gave me some really good books when she moved. Kym has a talent for finding out about good books and good movies. There are some wonderful writers out there with a lot to say these days. Particularly women writers. I’ve enjoyed a nice stack of fine writing lately.

Finished an article about bunny nest box care this morning for the IAGARB newsletter. This is the German Angora official breed club. There’s a national meeting in April but the timing is really bad and I can’t go because I have to do some business traveling in May. Can’t be everywhere. In early May we have a Civil War show in Ohio, then I’m planning to go to New Hampshire Sheep and Wool mid-May. Hopefully Daddy will be trained enough in bunny wrangling by then!

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