Tuesday, March 08, 2005

What A Difference A Day Makes

Yesterday I was running around outside without my sweater; this morning snow is falling and the ground is getting white. That's life in the mountains! Hope the little girl I sheared yesterday is warm enough. In the winter I leave a little bit of fluff for weather changes!

The yellow and green (and white!) chenille is dry and it looks better than I thought it would. Lily may not get her dog bed after all! It's not up to my standards for selling, but it would look good crocheted up. Have to think about that. I'm enclosing a picture; would value your opinions!

I have a young friend that is going through a hard time at work and may wind up having to leave because of conflicts with her supervisor. Over the years my friend and other people have told me sad stories of poor management and irrational behavior from this supervisor and it's making life very hard for my friend. She is a creative and talented young woman, who has her faults, of course. Some of the issues she has with her supervisor arise out of their personality types, but if the supervisor was professional about things, all this trouble wouldn't happen. The last straw was an incident where the supervisor acted in a shocking manner that breached a trust; and if I had been involved I would have gone then. My friend has stayed on and things have deteriorated to an intolerable point. The sad thing is that the company could be a great place, but upper management is overworked and the problems go far beyond this supervisor. Very sad, and I think again how lucky I am. I've always been fortunate enough to work for terrific people!

More moving boxes today. I am SORE! Can't put it off long, either, playing with the bunnies. The wind is really howling out there. My mom just called; she and Wendell, my step-father, have been down with this nasty cold that's going around. Haven't been down there in ages because of it!

There's a picture here of one of the bunnies for sale and one of the doe that I hope is going to be a new mom tomorrow. The black bunnies in Sally's litters were so sweet; but she always has darling babies. I'm keeping a buck and a doe from this last litter. The color of the wool is wonderful and there is a good crimp in the baby coats. Totally spinnable!

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