Saturday, March 26, 2005

Very Quiet Days

Another quiet day, with fog so thick I can barely see Lily walking around out in the yard. I'm staying with a neighbor that needs someone in the house while his daughter is on a trip to Florida with her husband. Very interesting and easy; I sit and crochet while he tells stories about what he remembers. His great-grandmother, who lived with his family when he was a child, was a Civil War widow. Wonderful to hear about her!

Not much fibery news. I'm working on the brim of the little crocheted cap made of the SAFF hand painted merino. Only frogged it twice so far! Lura is mailing me a package; probably of her Shetland/mohair blend. Can't wait to get my hands in that! After I get Mr. Harris fed, I will go home and tend to the rabbits. Not really hoping for any litters but it would be nice to be surprised!

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