Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Typical March Day

The snow has turned to rain and it looks dull outside. Inside everything is all at sixes and sevens. New stuff that we bought at the auction, plus books I should be working on, all piled up beside my desk. The living room floor is stacked with items that I'm sorting to store away. Upstairs there are empty and full boxes everywhere, and bags of bunny wool that need to be sent away for processing into felting bats. My "keep" fiber and craft items lay haphazard everywhere in the workroom. This is not my normal life!

Taking a break to let the dust settle; housework is the bane of my life. Partly because I just don't really enjoy it and partly because it causes allergy flare-ups. Time to console myself with ONE piece of Nancy’s candy and a jelly bean or two. Cathy at Catena Expressions and some other people are talking about quitting addictions. That’s gotten me to thinking. Both the SO and I, like a lot of Americans, eat way too much but my biggest problem is soda. Diet soda at that, a concoction with no real justification for existence. It’s all about caffeine, as dangerous a drug as nicotine, I think. Sad what we do to ourselves!

Finished reading Ron Parker’s Sheep Book; very entertaining and pretty much convinced me that I’m the sort of person who should be buying my fleece from the wonderful shepherds that already tend their flocks so well. A recent discussion on Virginia’s Women in Agriculture amazed me; some folks there found bunny wrangling harder than shepherding. I think it may be a matter of lifestyle. The Rabbitry has worked well with how I live for a long time now; I’m not sure sheep would. I would adore having them, though. But I think I’ll go back to raising chickens first!

Another book I’ve been reading is Snow Falling on Cedars. Beautifully done and painful to read, given the subject of prejudice and World War II internment of the Japanese in this country. Sometimes I think about the harm that a nation can do to another, but it is harder to think about the single lives affected by events that they cannot control. A decision made in fear is no decision. Even in a war that was as necessary as any war can be, the decision to imprison loyal citizens because of their race was wrong. As a country it seems like we should be learning from our mistakes, not making the same ones over. Is it arrogance or ignorance?

I finally convinced the blogger thing to put up my logo next to my profile. My cousin RJ designed and drew it; it gets lots of attention and compliments. Just the thing for a logo! I use it for everything in the business to get it recognized. The rabbit in it was a fawn named Gabriel. I've always appreciated RJ's talent and covet a cat picture that others in the family have more right to own!

Not long after RJ did the design, a fellow fiber and German Angora raiser in Washington, Carol, sent me her artistic interpretation. Also delightful, centering on the rabbit. Carol moved to Oregon and was setting up to farm with her brother. I haven't heard from her in a long time and I miss her! I think about her every time I see her bunny!

My young friend with the job problem was just here. Things are no better but the management wants her to stay. But they don’t seem to be able to remove her from the intolerable situation. They also don’t seem to be able to do anything about the situation, yet there have been incidents that seem incriminating that involve other people with nothing to do with my friend. Stange.

Managed to get some spinning done this week, even with people here. Still working on the wool/angora/silk blend. I need to start a small project for odd times; thinking about making a vest from the green chenille. I haven’t done one with granny squares yet; this might be the one to try!

Snowing again. The ground is getting white. It has to be March!

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