Thursday, March 17, 2005

Tidying Up Day

I just spend some time over at Greenberry House at, straightening the virtual shelves, sweeping the virtual floor and adding some new Avon bottles to the site. Good to shake things up once in awhile, even in a store that exists right now just in cyberspace!

Otherwise I haven't gotten a great deal done today, thanks to allergies. It snowed most of the morning, and then warmed up and by the time I went out to feed the bunnies this afternoon there were bare patches. Spring again! This morning a starling was teasing Lily, walking around near the outside doghouse just out of her reach. I don't know what the starling was doing at the doghouse; there was a tiny patch of bare ground just there and he was pecking around that. But Lily is possessive and didn't want anyone bothering HER doghouse. Even a bird!

I finally had to take an allergy pill because I was sneezing so hard. Not my favorite thing to do, as the ones that work also make me sleepy. Finally had to lay down with Lily for a nap in the afternoon. Moved a few boxes but couldn’t get motivated. Tomorrow is another day!

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