Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Stormy Day

Lily woke me growling this morning at the rumble of thunder and the flash of lightning. She's not frightened of storms. I think she was dreaming a little and the dull rumble of thunder was like some great beast threatening the house. Now it's raining; lots of standing puddles and the pond is cold gray. After all this rain, though, spring will be here in earnest!

Missed my connection with the bunny lady; little bunny didn't seem to mind her trip. She's such a friendly little thing and flirted with a young woman when we stopped for bunny feed on the way home. I know she was glad to get back to familiar territory, though! The new owner didn't get my emails setting up the meeting so we'll have to try again.

Chocolat, one of my favorite rabbits, staged a grand escape yesterday when I got home. Maybe he was lonely because I hadn't been there all day, but he hopped right out of his cage when I opened the door to feed him. When his cage was on the floor we had a game we played. He would hop in and out of the cage while I was doing the feeding chores. This time he couldn't hop back in but he was glad to be petted. I let him play around while I fed everyone else and then he let me put him back in his cage. It's funny how they all have such different personalities. All of them like attention, even a shy little one I was worried about has gained confidence and is at the front of her cage every morning, eager for a head scratch. Some are more outgoing than others, but Chocolat is the one that likes to play!

Started my little cap yesterday. I decided to try it first with a variegated yarn I made in a wonderful class at SAFF. I love the soft colors and have a black ribbon for trim. If I can figure out how to make the fold-up brim. The original hat was knitted but it's easy to make rounds and increases in crochet, and single crochet vaguely approximates the look of knitting. As usual, I chose purple and blue, with a soft pink. The colors are working well together and I think it will make a nice, old fashioned little cap. Then I will make one with the mohair/rambouillet. Lura says she has some mohair blended with Shetland; sounds nice!

Also spinning the darker roving I dyed a couple of weeks ago. It's turning out nicely in the singles. There's only an ounce and a half of this, though, so I'm not sure what will become of it. Sometimes skeins hang around here for awhile, but eventually they find a home in some project!

No bunny chores today, thanks to the rain. Except for basic feeding and tidying. I'll probably put a few things on the Internet and maybe work a little more on the house. Have to pack up a pound of angora and mail it out this morning for a wholesale order from the web site.

I've been trying for 45 minutes by the clock to get either Hello or the blogger to let me post pictures of my projects, but it's not happening. Perfectly simple piece of html, one of the few I DO understand. Oh, well, maybe later!

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