Friday, March 11, 2005

Staying In

A sudden heavy snow flurry changed our plans for the day; you just never know what might happen in March. So RJ is probably curled up in front of the wood stove with a favorite book, while I'm thinking about getting out the dye pots again. I just pulled out some rambouillet/mohair roving I bought from Lura, a fellow guild member, a couple of years ago. It's time something was done with it. I'm thinking about spring colors and painted roving while the snow falls outside.

I just left the rabbits contently munching their morning hay in the cozy shelter of the barn. Water bottles all filled and none frozen today! There is a keen little wind accompanying the snow and it was nice to get inside after feeding the cats and filling the birdfeeders. Missy, the elderly calico cat, came with me to the barn and sat on the lumber pile, watching me do the chores. She seems to prefer attention these days; in her younger days she walked alone. Now she greets visitors when they come instead of slipping away unseen. She was left behind when an ex left and once roamed the fields freely; for days I wouldn't see her at all. Now she stays close to the house and sleeps in the sun on the south side during the day, sheltering in the basement and porch at night or on cooler days. Missy, formerly known as Fuzz (I thought she deserved better!), will never be a comfy house cat, no matter how much she mellows!

There is nothing cozy about the wild birds as they chatter and flutter around the feeders in the mornings. They dart from place to place, searching for choice morsels and the preferred sunflower seeds, and then scatter to the twiggy limbs to gobble the seeds before rushing back for more. Later in the day the frenzy dwindles to an occasional hunt among the feeders for another bit or seed. I look out in the afternoons on a cold or windy day and see a dozen little birds huddled in the twigs of the shrubs near the house; sheltered by the gray board wall.

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