Saturday, March 12, 2005

Review of Greenberry House Days and Dreams

"I just saw The page is standards-compliant.

What a superb page! If only the Linux Homepage would have a superb page like that. There are 110,835 characters in the underlying source, which is a superb length for European users. Stunning. The page contains 307 links, a very reasonable amount. Just perfect. It must have taken many years to finalize the page. The URL has 30 characters. Just the perfect length. The color scheme is very fitting. Seeing Greenberry House Days and Dreams, I'm simply out of words. Well, I expected the creator to create something superior. This is about the best you can do with HTML."
-- Fred King,

Impressive, isn't it? Unfortunately, it's from a site,, that will generate a faked review of your site. Looks like it's always an enthusiastically positive review, too! Have to love it!

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