Saturday, March 19, 2005

Peaceful Morning

Another bright sunny morning. It’s very still, a little cold, with the promise of a beautiful day. A lone crow is strutting across the field, while a white cat patrols around the pond. The snow is just patchy and there is a hint of green in the grass.

Spent the day hauling yet more boxes downstairs. Time is passing fast; April and Dad will be here soon! During breaks I priced up Avon bottles to put on the Internet and sneezed! Finally I decided it was time to get out of the house so I took Lily for a walk down the Parkway. She enjoyed sniffing around and finding out who and what had been down the road before us. We stopped to rest at an old family cemetery. Just as we came up a raccoon leaped up a tree. Fortunately Lily didn’t see him, but she knew he was there. She kept sniffing the air. I never saw the raccoon after his scramble up the trunk of the tree, but I’m sure he could see us!

The little cemetery isn’t one of the oldest in the area. There are several infants buried there, sad little stories of loss and grief. I think I only knew a couple of the people that are there; one lady, a neighbor and relative, lived to be nearly one hundred years old.

I finished a bobbin of the wool/angora/silk last night. The yarn is a little knobby, which is caused by the silk. I’m very happy with the color; rich light brown with softly tinted fawn. I don’t know when I’ll ply it; the rambouillet/mohair is calling me!

I heard yesterday from the young lady I bought the rambouillet/mohair roving from. She’s had some trouble but she wrote me a cheerful note full of fiber plans and puppy stories. She’s a strong and fine woman and isn’t letting things get her down!

Busy day today; work this morning and bunny chores this afternoon. Lily is telling me it's time for her to go outside and for me to get down to the barn and see if the water bottles are frozen.

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