Friday, March 11, 2005

My Day Out

Today is my day off. I'm usually here at Greenberry House working on the computer or tending to the rabbits, but today I'm going to town with my favorite cousin, RJ. We'll pick up bunny feed, do a little bit of shopping and have lunch. Lunch, of course, is the most important part of the trip! We always go to the Red Lobster, although the past couple of years have seen a decline in quality at this particular restaurant. We miss Josh! But it's still the best place for us in town, given what we like.

RJ, the cousin, is ahead of me in life and has been my example for all the time I've known her. She was a teacher, should have been an architect and is an artist. She designed and did the logo for my business, which I will post here when comes back up again. Through all my times RJ has been a wonderful example of how to live. I was never in her classroom but she has taught me all my life!

No bunnies from Maple; time to start over with her. She may be interested in bunny making after this little cold spell. Yesterday morning I had frozen water bottles, although it warmed up during the day and it's warmer this morning. But after a possible day or two of icy weather, we should have another warm time. I have seven more does I tried with the bucks, but I don't have much hope for them, either!

I went down the mountain to Stuart yesterday. Had a nice visit with a cousin there over genealogy and we talked family and scandals. She had a little news about another cousin, who had lived away and didn't know much of the family until recently. He reconnected with his cousins and was able to get to know them before he died. Which makes things feel more right, as his family had drifted away under sad circumstances. My great-aunt was asleep when I tried to visit; I couldn't stay long so I didn't try to wake her.

I saw a ground hog in a neighbor's yard when I went by Mom's . He was a sad looking little fellow and I hope he can find something to eat in this brown grass. There is one that has a hole high in a bank just there. Once when Lily and I went past I saw him peeking at us from it.

Started the single crochet for the border on my chenille scarf. I was tired last night and didn't do much other than work on it. Need to get back to the boxes, but this evening after I get back I'll probably be tired again. Maybe I'll wind some yarn for more dye experiments. Your blogs have been inspiring!

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