Sunday, March 13, 2005

Morning Musings

Not so early this morning and it's beautiful outside. The sun is shining and I can see birds busy outside. There are starlings in the eaves. I'm creature friendly but I'm not that happy about starlings in the eaves. They're noisy and not very pretty! We tried to shut them out but they worked a board back loose and there they are again!

I've always kept journals. I think writing makes me more aware of the little things in life and what is actually going on with myself and the small world around me. But I'm surprised to discover that this online diary seems to trigger even more awareness. It might not last, but I find myself listing things to take pictures of and subjects to write about. I'm a very private person and even in my personal journals never recorded much soul searching. Anyone that spends so much time alone and with animals does a great deal of thinking about themselves and what is going on in the world. I don't have any answers to the state of the world out there in the grander scheme of things and I'm not sure about telling all about my inner self. I think my place is to record a little peace while even here the world changes around me. I don't yearn for the way things were; I know from family stories how hard life was "in the old days". But I'm fortunate enough to be able to create a life that I hope will reflect some of the traditions I grew up with, at least.

Lily is lying on her pad beside me with her paw over her nose and the cockatiel has started his morning chorus. It's time to go out and enjoy the beautiful morning and do chores. The SO is visiting this evening and I should straighten up the house a bit. Time to put the dye pots away!

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