Saturday, March 05, 2005

More Yarn Experiments and Results

Stayed up too late last night and had just dozed off when there was an awful uproar in the kitchen. Of course the dog goes wild and it takes a bit for me to figure out that the cat had gotten stuck in a canning jar I had emptied for dinner. Had to get the dog away and get the jar off; was that cat furious! He spent the night under the bed trying to get himself clean. Took me awhile to get to sleep after that! Woke up early, too, darn it!

The confetti skeins are almost dry but the chenille is still wet. It's a LOT prettier than I thought it would be, though! Picture here somewhere. I hope it stays pretty when it's washed; the directions said it would lose some color!

The snow is melting fast; I had to turn off the heat when I got up so the wind has died down and it's warmer. Overcast and supposed to rain/snow. The wild birds are all outside the window waiting for me to fill the feeders; I have mostly finches, juncos and other small birds, with an occasional cardinal and blue jay.

Been thinking a lot lately about lucky I am. I've had some sad times but not really any hard times, and I think it's because I had a great childhood with lots of loving adults around. Nobody's perfect and my folks weren't, naturally, but they did their best and that's all anyone can ask. I see so many people struggling.

When I turned forty something inside me shifted. My thirties were my hardest years, not a major struggle but harder than the twenties. But about three months after I turned forty, suddenly everything was just OK. Hard to explain. Things are still OK, despite some things that are sad and were difficult. Anyway.

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