Tuesday, March 29, 2005

March Days!

The wind is howling in the eaves and the pond is steel gray under a low sky. Ruffles of water slide across the pond in the wind in silver waves. March is here at last! I was hoping for sunshine and blue skies but maybe the wind will blow the clouds away!

The roving is out of the crock pot and washed and is now hanging on my shower rod to dry. I didn't dare put it outside; it would be strewn across the fields! A pretty effect but not very useful! The colors are vivid; I was hoping for some more variation in reds but I'm pleased with this ruby richness!

Two cats curled up in the house last night to sleep. I was gone for three days and I'm getting so much attention. The black cat, Malachi, is always a lover. He curls up in your lap and winds around your feet in demanding fashion. The tabby, Mani, is usually cordial and talkative, not so demanding but appreciative of any attention. Food is very important to him and like many cats, he feels that an empty food dish is a crime!

The bunny house is quiet in this dull weather. Greenberry's Autumn Joy is due for shearing today and I hope the weather changes so that I can do it. Not much good shearing in a wild wind! Her "date", Delly's Delight Quenten, is also due for shearing as well as the two black bunnies that are sold and awaiting a ride to their new homes. I want to get the floors and pans cleaned out, too; got a little behind while I was away. And, of course, I want to start breeding again. Really want a bright, calm day for my chores!

I've been thinking about yesterday and how things are in a small community. I worked for 13 years at a delightful country store here in town with lots of tourists. In the summer it's a busy place, with summer people staying and visitors to the Blue Ridge Parkway stopping in. But before the season starts it's all locals and things are much slower and more relaxed. I tend to stay home most of the time but yesterday I went out to the post office with an order. I had a nice chat with the postmaster, then went over to my mom's and caught up with what's going on there. First time I'd been over in a while! Then I stopped by the little store "across the road" from the shop where I used to work. It's known by various names but "the Market" seems to be the current favorite. I do most of my food shopping there; I hate tackling chain stores and the manager does a good job stocking this little shop. It's rare I go in for something that they don't have, but then I'm not an exotic cook! I went in one day and realized that I was related to every person in the store, including the clerks! That is a nice feeling!

I got into a conversation with the clerk when I was settling up; she's a cousin on my mom's side. She married a local boy and has never left home, while I never intended to leave and instead wound up living in several places on the East Coast. But we both appreciate the special qualities of the place we live in and the people here. She lives on a high ridge and looks out at Buffalo Mountain every day, across rolling pastures and surrounded with people she's known all her life. I came back from lonely times and places into the fold of family and friends. What treasures we have!

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