Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Malachi Looks Good in Red

Malachi Looks Good in Red

A nice pile of soft roving and a purring cat! Malachi had to investigate, but decided that my lap was a nicer place to curl up.

Today is bunny house day, mostly. The wind died down in the afternoon yesterday and I was able to get three loads of laundry hung out and dried. Lovely weather for it! My young friend brought hay for the rabbits at noon; much appreciated! We went down to the local diner for lunch and shared a table with two lovely ladies. I had fun telling them all about the rabbits and roving!

Yesterday evening I took Lily over to the pond and we fed the fish. This time the catfish came up and greedily snatched the feed and bread I threw in. The little fish were darting around with them trying to get their share. I didn't see any of the really big catfish; they may still be feeling shy or just not out yet. Feeding the fish during the season can be impressive when the big cats start looming up out of the water!

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