Friday, March 18, 2005

Looks Like A Beautiful Day

The sun is shining bright on the snow, catching thousands of crystals across the fields. It was cold last night. But some of the snow melted in the afternoon yesterday, and soon we'll be seeing bare ground again. Things were starting to get green before this last snow. People around here will say that the snow fertilized the grass, because it will get green fast now when it gets warm.

The cockatiel started muttering before I got up this morning. He went through his little repertoire of noises; the dryer, wolf whistles, blackbird calls, the Andy Griffith Show theme, and a new one I haven’t figured out yet. He mutters it under his breath as if he’s testing it. Now he’s just shrieking joyfully!

I carded more of the wool/angora/silk blend last night. Hope to have enough to finish this bobbin. I have some alpaca and silk blend that I spun up before and some chocolate angora. They all need to be plied and then I want to see if I like the color combination for a vest. The alpaca was a roving in natural brown with silver streaks. I love the color and it was wonderful to spin.

I've been reading some of Jonathan Swift's satire. A few essays are kind of obscure; he was writing about what were current events for him, after all. But there's one series that is hilarious; he prints out an "almanack" of predictions as if he’s a famous astrologer and predicts the death of another astrologer. He thinks of astrologers, particularly this prominent one, as frauds. Then after the date of the “death” he prints an obituary! Finally he prints a comical rendition of all the trials and tribulations the “dead” astrologer went through because everyone believes the prediction! This series is called "The Bickerstaff Papers".

More moving boxes and furniture. I’m determined to get this project done today, no matter how miserable I feel!

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