Monday, March 07, 2005

A Lesson Learned!

It is NOT ok to hang yarn outside that has just been painted with pigment dye! I think the wind chipped the dye off before it had time to set, because when I went to get it there are white streaks. Not what I had in mind! But this is all about figuring it out! Back to the dyed bathtub, until I can get a rack put up somewhere that is sheltered. The yarn is still OK, not what I had in mind, though. But I've been planning to make Lily a new cover for her favorite pad, so she's getting green and yellow chenille! Lily looks good in green!

I've been hauling boxes downstairs all day; mostly books but I'm emptying some as I go with personal stuff. Finding some old pictures; mostly pets. I would be hard put to come up with many people pics! Also found some old novels I had written, lots of genealogy notes, stacks of magazines, oh, my! What will I do with all this STUFF?

Took a break from clearing away and sheared pretty Living Water Farm's Angel. She is such a sweetheart! I popped her in with my gorgeous Elwood, hoping she would like the idea of another nice litter of bunnies but she was NOT happy about it. So I took her out for a rest; will try her again at feeding time!

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