Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Just beginning!

I thought I'd try this out, as I have kept private journals for years. But I love writing about how it is here on the farm in all the seasons, so this seems a good time to begin! Mainly because my friend Chris Morgan has so much fun with her blog.

Wonderful weekend here at Greenberry House! I had a visit from a terrific friend and fellow bunny lady, Chris Morgan, and we had three other bunny ladies come up on Sunday to be with us. Elaina Kenyon of Avillion Farm came up to share information and pick up bunnies from Chris. Elaina and Chris are both very well informed and wonderfully willing to share their knowledge. I learned a tremendous amount and had SO much fun!

Chris got snowed in on Monday, with our first real snowstorm here on the mountain! So we had fun with leftovers and other good things. Chris knows a lot about felting so we made a scarf for my cousin, Ruth Jean, and had a lovely visit when we got out on Tuesday to visit her. We also made some handpainted skeins from my merino/angora yarn, lovely! I'm going to try to post a picture here! This is all new to me, after all!

Chris and I also had to deal with snow in the bunny house! The wind never comes from the north up here in Meadows of Dan, but it did this time. (For pictures of the bunny house, check my site at Right now it's down, though!) Chris shoveled snow (now there's a friend!). We shifted bunnies and had to bring Greenberry's Autumn Joy to the house to get her dried off. She was wearing her mad bunny face for sure. But we fluffed her up and she is just fine now!

Naturally I have a wonderful new bunny from Chris. She's a beautiful chocolate cross and we're calling her Woolybuns Snickers. Don't have her picture yet as she has to grow out her beautiful coat again. But she has lovely color, like all my rabbits from Chris, and I'm looking forward to seeing the bunnies she will have with Delly's Delight Quentin, who just came here last week from Terri at Living Water Farm.

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