Sunday, March 06, 2005

Enough About This Project!

Still haven't thought of a name for the variegated yarn; we made the dyes with the felted scarf for my cousin in mind. So it's her colorway. Maybe "RJ's Surprise" or something. I tried to put up more pictures last night but the picture loading thingy quit working. It was too late to fight with it then!

Spent yesterday evening reskeining the painted yarn and reading the blogs of other fiber ladies. Lots of fun and wonderful to see the talent out there! I have several of them in my favorites and when I get time I'll add them to the sidebar. Still figuring out how to work that since you have to edit html. NOT one of my strengths!

Cathy Robinson is coming up from Perfect Spot Farm in North Carolina to pick up two rabbits she's getting from Chris. I'm green with envy over one of them, a gorgeous pure German buck. We're both already planning babies from him! It will be great to visit with Cathy; she's a grand lady and I haven't seen her since SAFF. We met over bunny deliveries a time or two and spent one terrific day together with several other bunny ladies a few(!) years ago. Our IAGARB district director, Mary Ellen Hansson, had put together a day for us and it was wonderful, hosted by Kelly Foster at Maple Lane. For awhile we haven't had a District Director, but now Elaina Kenyon has taken over the job and I'm looking forward to more bunny lady days!

Time to put aside my yarn dyeing obsession and tackle dishes and dog hair for Cathy's visit. Here are the last of the painted skein pictures. I'm putting it up for sale on Of course, my web page is STILL down, drat it! Haven't heard from the server guy since Thursday!

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