Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Early Morning Sunshine

Out early this morning to check on Maple, who might kindle today. She was sitting placidly in her nest box, keeping her feet warm in the hay. It's hard to tell what might happen; Maple never gets big and doesn't miss a meal when she kindles.

It's so quiet this morning; the air is brittle and cold. It snowed a little more in the night, just enough to cover the ground between tufts of brown grass and crunch underfoot. From the window the fields looked a little like a quiet ocean in the gray light before sunrise.

So much different than what friend Chris was getting in Connecticut. Hope everyone got to a safe place last night! Yesterday afternoon I stayed warm inside and started working on my crocheted chenille scarf. I have one row done and started another, but I've decided to change the pattern, so I'll take out the beginning of the second row. The colors in the purple chenille look terrific so far; when I get enough done I'll post a picture.

I visited with friend Kym last night. We had a wonderful time eating WAY too much at the Chinese restaurant and talking. Then we fixed up her taxes and played with Roxie, her darling labrador mix that looks like a classy grayhound. Roxie had visited the groomer and she looked wonderful, all sleek and racy! Banjo kitty was kind enough to say hello when she came in and then curled up on the spare room bed, her black and white shining coat elegant against the white and blue patchwork spread. Even had a visit with Hannah, the German crossed bunny, who was more interested in her dinner than in me!

Came home to nice emails from friends and then headed for bed. Uncommonly tired last night. Read a little while and then went to sleep, only to be awakened by Lily barking wildly at the window. I staggered out of bed and turned on the outside light; didn't see a thing except snow falling. I think she might have been dreaming!

Kitties came tearing in this morning the minute I opened doors. Malachi is lying in front of the heater in the computer room, while Mani has claimed the little settee. Lily is curled up at my feet on her pad. The cockatiel is muttering under his breath, making the noise of a dryer we had years ago. He's getting ready to start his morning chorus of shrieks, I'm sure!

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