Friday, March 04, 2005

Dye Day!

After putting up a bunch of Christmas ornaments on Tias and then shoveling out the bunny house, I sat down to skein up some of the 60% merino/40% angora wool that Diane at Oasis Farms spun from the white angora I sent her. The skeining went fast, thanks to Agatha Christie, Joan Hickson and BBC. So I got out the squirt bottles and dyed the yarn, trying to duplicate the skeins Chris and I did earlier in the week. I soaked the skeins in warm water with a dollop of vinegar and a little soap first. Angora is tough to get wet, so I soaked it for 20 minutes on low heat.

Above you'll find the whole process; read bottom to top! I also skeined some cotton/rayon chenille yarn I found upstairs and painted that with Dharma Pigment dyes that I had left over. It looks dreadful now but they promise it will wash pretty!

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