Monday, March 21, 2005

A Day Away!

Friend Chris was up late last night, commenting on my blog. I hope everything is OK. She's been waiting anxiously for a beautiful doe to kindle; the doe is overdue. Sometimes things can go wrong, so it is a worrisome time. Haven't heard anything but I hope all is well!

This morning has already been busy. I had a book order to pack up to go to Germany and Lily wanted out early. It's nice and warm and MAYBE spring is really here. On schedule! The trees still look bare and there's only a hint of green in the fields, but with these warm days that will change fast.

Yesterday I moved stuff around in my workroom and things are starting to look organized. Had to stop, though, after three sessions with sneezing in between. My eyes still feel swollen this morning. SO is going to try to come down soon and help me with the larger pieces of furniture. He can get done in an hour what it has taken me days to accomplish!

I'm heading out for a bunny delivery in a little while. Nice lady that already has some angoras, I think one from my lines. She's getting a lovely little black doe. I'm keeping both a brother and sister, Tommy and Eliza, from this litter. They're from one of my oldest lines and I love the color and crimp of the wool. Their baby coats didn't matt much, even though they tumbled around in the cage together way too long because of my lack of space. The pedigree is all printed out and the little doe is ready for her new home!

I'm working on a pattern for a small hat or cap to make from my rambouillet/mohair yarn I finished last night. I'm trying to copy a cute little knitted hat I saw somewhere and do it in a crocheted pattern. I can't knit YET. You folks with all your beautiful things I've been seeing on the ring blogs are really tempting me to try again! I don't know if I can make a hat with just 2.5 ounces of yarn, but this little cap has a fold up brim that could be done in a different color.

Time to enjoy the sun and get ready for my day away!

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