Sunday, March 20, 2005


Got back into the dye pots yesterday. After working for just a couple of hours in the morning and a trip to town with a friend, I got out the crock pot to try the dye techniques recommended in a splendid tutorial at I modified the technique just a little to suit my needs and I really like the result, pictured below, with Lura’s rambouillet/mohair roving. It’s nice stuff; leave a comment if you want some because she has more! I really like dyeing in the crock pot; much easier on the back and less messy than doing it on the table!

Another beautiful day! The snow is almost gone, with just a few patches in the shady areas of a neighbor’s yard. I can see green grass in the path my brother keeps mowed from his rental house down to the pond. Yesterday when we were below the mountain we saw forsythia and daffodils and lovely green fields. I have seen daffodils here on the mountain, on a sunny south bank, but my forsythia is just barely budding.

Yesterday evening I walked with Lily over to the pond. I scattered a little feed for the fish but they didn’t come up. Too cold, I guess, and there was some feed against the bank where either my brother or my nephew had already thrown some in. Also tracks in the remaining patches of snow near the tumbled down dock.

The water is SO clear! I didn’t see any larger fish but there were small minnows darting around in the shallows by the bank. The red winged blackbird called to us: I throw a little fish feed out onto the dock for him every evening. Sometimes I have bread for the fish and I share that, too. Before long there will be a feeding frenzy when I go over in the evenings; it’s a little scary!

All is serene in the rabbit house; another week before we can expect bunnies. I’ll be glad when the ground dries out a little and the rabbits can come outside to play. They get some sun in the rabbit house and a lot more light than they used to, but surely it's nice to a rabbit to have a change of scenery.

Took the day off yesterday from moving boxes; back to it today. Have to straighten out the workroom enough to start moving furniture now. This has been SLOW going but I’m lazy! Last night I wound the moorit/angora/silk singles into a center pull ball for plying, then started spinning the rambouillet/mohair roving I dyed last week. There’s a picture above of the results. Some nice rich colors and some subtle variations. There’s enough to make one ball and ply it back on itself; don’t know what I’ll do with it yet!

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